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“Vision without action is a dream.  Action without vision is simply passing the time.  Action with Vision is making a positive difference.”  
-Joel Barker


Whether through inspiration, education, or providing information, our goal in working with your company is to identify new ways that you can think about the business relationships you manage every day.  By strategically looking at the relationships you have with yourself, your staff, your strategic partners, your market channels, the media and ultimately the clients that engage and believe in your brand, we create industry leaders, stronger corporate cultures, and companies positioned for growth.


"Jodi brings everything she has to her clients.  From the first time we met, she has been steadfast in her support of our company and willing to help us with anything from trade shows, to branding to websites and content creation.  Her philanthropic heart is evident in all she does and she is more than willing to help fellow colleagues and friends in need.  All of her resources, creativity, and vision help direct our efforts and have made our company stronger, and better positioned to meet market challenges."

Christine Lauria McDermott, Butterfly Energy

"Jodi is all about the connections that are made in the creative process: connections between seemingly divergent ideas, connections among people who generate productive energy, and as a result creating new concepts, approaches, brands from the process. There is such a WOW factor in working with Jodi and it feels good too because she truly values everyone she works with."

Laura Faye Walls, Business Consultant

"I have not been as successful as I would have liked in marketing my business. Listening to your webinar has given me some great direction. Excellent points!"

Christa, Attendee

"Thanks for a fantastic webinar. It was incredibly valuable and I took many notes that have spawned ideas for enhancing our online presence."

Montgomery, Attendee

"There are very few people that have the insight, intuition and capability of expressing themselves in writing, Jodi has that gift.  I highly recommend Jodi for any of your branding and marketing strategies.  I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her, she is a true professional."

John Mangione, Marketing Entrepreneur and Networking Expert

Working with Jodi rounds out my executive team and she jumps in as business strategist or Chief Marketing Officer depending upon what we need. She truly connects with our in-house staff as well as our clients and is a welcome addition to our company.

John Hassler, President, Tech 2020 Solutions / 2000 Computer Solutions

"Whether it is creating a new brand or updating an existing one, Jodi has a knack for looking at things and finding new avenues for making connections with our customers, retailers and the media.  She’s handled the creation of our website, our brochures, our blogs, our social media and she is committed to staying connected to be an active part of our company and its success.."

Rich Baum, Co-Founder, Vari Eyewear

“We were ready to Launch our new website, and were very unhappy with first
impression and graphics; Jodi, marketing extraordinaire, jumped in as Monday Morning Quarterback.  She then found and created an amazing photo/graphic for the site that reflected so many dimensions an aesthetics of what we are about.  Our entire team loved it, and we were able to launch the site on time with a great first impression.”

William H. Groner, Settlement Systems Mediation & Arbitration

Bill Groner, CEO, Settlement Systems Mediation & Arbitration


We believe in our clients.  If we don’t, they don’t stay clients. It is important that the people you include in your journey support and inspire you to be better.  Better at who you are, better at what you do, and better for the sake of bringing good things to life.  In the words of David Gussin, we need “goodness to speak up” – and every day we have the chance to work with the men and women and companies that can provide this voice.​

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Jodi Jacobs

In business and in life, Jodi Jacobs, founder and chief visionary at Crystal Vision Marketing has a philosophy that is rooted in connections.  Says Jacobs, “whether connecting thoughts to create a great idea, connecting like-minded people to build great teams, connecting intentions with actions to make something happen, I am passionate about establishing common ground, common goals and common purpose among people.”  An avid networker, she enjoys helping people “find each other” and create shared visions and connections between their objectives, products and services and those of others.

Jacobs has over 20 years of experience in all facets of marketing and business development including: developing new markets, strengthening business channels, creating marketing plans and strategies,  building strategic partnerships, identifying product applications, providing market research, copywriting, public relations, program and presentation development, corporate training, trade show & event planning and speech writing.

With previous experience working for a large insurance company and providing project and facility management in their Real Estate, Design & Construction Division. She spent ten years working with operations managers, end users, architects, designers, dealers, integrators, consultants and contractors to build out millions of square feet of space. Eventually she moved on to become part of a Long Island based acoustical manufacturer and helped them grow from a relatively unknown acoustical manufacturing company that specialized in acoustical panels to an industry leader in sound masking, paging and mass notification systems.  After 17 years in this role,  she began her newest endeavor launching her own company, and in 2009,  started Crystal Vision Marketing. 

An eternal optimist, she focuses on spreading positive energy to her clients, colleagues, friends and family.  Her business model is different than most marketing firms, in that she focuses on educating markets rather than hard core selling to them.  The result?  Her clients are perceived as industry experts and resources and increased sales revenue follows. 

With Crystal Vision she works with a variety of industries and enjoys teaming with clients that represent a wide spectrum of services, products and markets.  Often involved in local and community charities, Jacobs serves on the board of directors for Moms Who Kick, a 501C3 charity “kicking” to find a cure for cancer.  


At Crystal Vision Marketing we can take you from nothing to something, from good to great, or from great to outstanding one vision at a time.   Our services are never a one-size fits all approach, we really look at what you need, when you need it and make realistic commitments to getting everything you need done. 

We have three areas that we focus on and they are:

START UPS                          SMALL TO MID SIZE BUSINESS                    COLLABORATIVE SPACE

Within each of these areas we offer an array of services.  We support clients by absorbing their corporate culture to best understand how to represent them in the market and how to reach their clients and move them to engagement and sales.

Here is a list of our services for starters:

Couple Running






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