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Fall in Love with YOU this Valentine's Day!

This month I wanted to create a log that shared a few ways you can remind yourself to be kinder and more loving to the all-important (and maybe even funny) YOU! This blog originally was written for a great client and company, Varieyewear and you can see it in its alter-image here. But for those who “stay the page”, here are my tips for falling in love with the person you are. Happy Valentine’s Day! 1) Be YOU – everyone else is taken! Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on your own unique gifts and talents. Maybe you can’t paint like Picasso, but you did teach yourself how to play the ukulele, and maybe you aren’t the world’s best basketball player, but you show up for every game and people love your that they can really count on you. Focus on all that you are and don’t waste another moment comparing yourself to someone else. Own your life right now, right where you are and love it and yourself. It’s a gift to be comfortable in your own skin, enjoy it! 2) Make “atta boys” part of your everyday conversation with yourself. I remember the first time I started to try running after I had my daughter. It was awful, I was so out of breath, everything hurt and I was wondering why I thought this was ever a good idea. But I went slow, and after I finished a short run, I literally patted myself on my back and said, “You, go girl” and the next day I did it again, and the day after that, each time running a bit longer and celebrating the fact that I got out and did it. Within a few months I was running 3 – 4 miles and enjoying it! If we all focused a bit more on what went right in our day, we’d have a lot less time to give our attention to the negative or disappointing things that come up from time to time. Dwell in the positive, celebrate your achievements big and small, and give more attention to things you enjoy most about your day, every day! 3) Smile in that morning mirror! You have the choice every day to practice positive or negative self-talk. Choose words of empowerment and strength! Try this the next time you are standing in front of a mirror in the morning. As soon as you catch a glimpse of yourself say “hello superstar”, SMILE and then give yourself a one sentence pep talk. If you have a hectic day ahead of you, tell yourself “You got this!” and then get going. Have a new client meeting or an assignment at school, tell yourself “You were made to rock this and you will!” Making the first words you say uplifting will start the day off in the right direction.

Valentine’s Day is usually a day that we focus on our love for others, but this year why not add yourself to the top of that list. Being good to yourself is the first step in creative and living a positive life. Sometimes that comes naturally and sometimes we just need someone to remind us what an incredible, talented, thoughtful, beautiful person we really are. Consider yourself reminded. Awwwww, now you’re blushing!

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