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When clients want to grow, they immediately think they need "MARKETING" but this isn't always the case.  Sometimes the most important next step they need is to take is a step back.  From this vantage point, we help clients to fully assess what they really need.  This initial assessment is what guides us as we work. with clients.

In the past, I've found clients that said they needed marketing but what they really needed was a new key hire (so we helped create the job description, did the interviews and facilitated the hire).  Another client wanted "marketing" but really needed to build a formal sales training program (so we did that too!).  In the past, we've worked with clients on
retooling their onboarding processes, and we've worked to build new sales models and market niches for others.  Our diversified experience includes business, marketing, sales, and operational expertise and takes a holistic view of your business before asking you to spend a single dollar on any one marketing project.  

When we work with clients we perform a complete marketing assessment to understand all of the things your company has done in the past and what it is trying to achieve in the future.  From this, we create a list of specific initiatives that we feel can positively impact your business. Then together we prioritize these initiatives and tackle them one by one to help you grow your business.

From our initial marketing assessment, we then create a marketing strategy and marketing plan for your business that includes the specific projects, initiatives, and goals that are needed to take your company to the next level.  

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Business Strategy & Business Plan Development
Marketing Strategy & Planning
Human Resources - Assistance with Hiring
Logo Design & Development
Competitive Analysis & Audit
Tagline Development
Mission Statement Creation
Value Propositions Defined
Differentiators / Qualifiers
SWOTS’s Analysis
Business and Channel Development
Pitch Proposals / Presentation
Strategic Partnership / Industry Alliances Relationship Development

Speaker Presentations


Case Study Development

Vendor Relationship Management & Collaboration
Social Media Set up, Support, Analytics
Website Design & Website Content
Trade Show / Event Support
Special Event / Corporate Event Planning

C-Suite Coaching 

For Starters: Service
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