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that's right, send them to Gimbels

When I started my business in 2010, I heard horror stories about protecting your clients from other marketing companies, branding agencies, web developers, and graphic designers. There seemed to be the understanding that if you let the world know who your clients were that they’d be taken away.

I’ve never subscribed to that. My relationships with my clients, are just that, mine, and like any relationship if you treat it right, you nurture it, you care for it, you apologize if you make a mistake and you always work at it, the relationship grows. I openly work and collaborate with other marketing professionals, web designers, SEO gurus and graphic designers because no one person can be incredible at everything. I am however incredible at articulating your vision, creating new market channels and building unstoppable teams that are professional, enthusiastic and that bring great energy in support of my projects and my clients. Whether you need a new business and marketing plan, press releases, website, SEM, social media support, a photo shoot, video footage, technical manuals, case studies, brochures, brand development, logo design, trade show planning, signage, corporate identity, updated policies, processes and procedures, image coaching or a C-suite strategist, I’m your gal. And if I don't have it, or can't do the right job for you, I'll be the first to connect you with another great professional that can. To see my entire business philosophy summed up in a clip from a movie – check out this link and clip from Miracle on 34th Street, and yes….I still believe.

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