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Instead of living with intention, what if we lived BEYOND it?

When I think back there are many things that we intend to do along the way - that sometimes can make us feel good for just thinking about doing them. But, that for one reason or another may never materialize. I mean, there are donations we mean to make, referrals we said we'd write, introductions we've promised, errands we want to run and calls we plan on making... and then life happens. At these times, even our most well-meaning intentions, can unfortunately fall flat. Rather than living with intention, what we really should say, is living BEYOND it. The reality is is that if you live beyond the intention you would have to actually complete it. To go beyond means you hit your mark and then some. It would mean that you actually made the call, ran the errand, sent the introduction, and wrote the referral. You went the extra mile.

Good intentions are like specific goals. They are a "do-gooders" targeted objective, meant to deliver from the heart and as such they should be pursued with the same persistence as one might pursue a goal.

A life lived beyond intention can bring an awesome sense of completeness. When you set out to do something good and you do there is a job well done.

Living beyond intention takes concentration. It takes focus. So challenge yourself to take your intentions. Write them down if you have to. Focus on them, target them like the goals that they are and enjoy every single time you not only live with the intention but go above and beyond it!

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