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what i found along the way

Your best intentions don't always count

Here are some thoughts, things to live by and lessons learned….

Despite your best intentions sometimes things turn out badly.

You are not judged by what you intend but by what you do or don’t do.

Making a decision that makes you happy may make others unhappy.

Concise clarity is key to successful communication.

You don’t have to “purposely” be wrong.

When you search for something you often find other things you lost along the way.

If you think too much, you will talk yourself out of the right answer.

It is better to err on the side of courtesy.

Foolish pride should not be confused with self esteem.

If you don’t tell someone, they don’t know. If you tell someone, and they don’t like it, they now know. And so do you.

Voicing an opinion is just that.

You make your own choices. Just understand the impact.

People that love you worry about you.

Just because you expect something doesn’t mean that it will happen.

People who give too much eventually find a way to exact repayment – and often not in a good way.

Past performance isn’t always an indication of future performance.

Assumptions often lead to problems.

Risk assessment is something you do when faced with a choice.

Inaction is a choice.

All actions have consequences, even inaction has consequences.

The sunrise can be equally beautiful as the sunset and neither takes away from the other.

Feelings are never wrong.

Things change.

People change.

Roads that are easy aren’t always the best roads for us to take.

Life is meant to be lived on purpose.

Find your purpose.

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