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the value of the computer geek

Admit it. You’ve got that special person in your life that you cling to, because first thing in the morning, or right smack in the middle of your day, or late at night when you are crunching out a project with an overdue deadline, IT happens. Computer crash – the kind that Control, Alt, Delete doesn’t even know about. These special people, above all else, somehow find the ways to make your screen unfreeze, your data come back and those nasty viruses go away. I’m talking about our closest and coveted relationships with our computer geeks.

Like a great babysitter, people typically covet the name of their geek – on the chance that they will need them the same time that you do. Sure, you don’t mind every once in a while, but day in and day out, you want to make sure that your geek is just a phone call away and that you will not be getting a “busy signal” (I’m dating myself) when and if your system crashes.

Recently, I’ve picked up a few bugs and the bogging and clogging of my computer got worse and worse. After four or five days ending abruptly in hard shut downs, I reached out to my Geek. He saw it all over my face, what’s wrong??? I’m freezing up, I just can’t get the thing to respond fast enough and every so often, everything goes dark…..

He took my laptop in his hands, “I’ve got this,” he said. Quick as lightning he had landed on a security website and began downloading a virus scan. For hours my computer processed and churned and processed and churned – I couldn’t walk away – I couldn’t shut it off – I dragged it wherever I went – the coffee shop, the gas station, the drive thru, there it was sitting next to me in my car, running on battery power it had til I could get to an available outlet, I watched as it ran through all of its processes.

Hours later, exhausted, but complete – my laptop beamed up at me and gave me its first sign – the scan is complete – press finish to reboot your computer…..

And I did.

I love my geek.

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